The City of One (Part II) - The New Eternal Tree of Life Arousing and Awakening Love

The bulletin about The City-limits of One has been forwarded to 100's of bags and there is abundant silence.

Truthfully, I was assured it. Nevertheless, the berry has been buried and THE ONE is watering it, whether man accepts it for now or not, and it will abound into a gigantic new Tree of Life, superseding all others - for such is the All-powerful plan. I acquire no doubts about this.

If any one of you has even distantly been account and watching the world's account in contempo years, you acquire to acquire noticed that what was already advised by a lot of as a battle there-and-then in the Middle East is rapidly acceptable an affair here-now-and-everywhere. So this bulletin is about all of you, afterwards barring - all individuals of One.

Let me explain a bit added this bulletin from One. The abstraction is to allowance the Holy City-limits of One (Jerusalem), antecedent of so abounding religious conflicts - as was consistently the aboriginal absorbed - to the One God architect of all mankind: Hebrews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, earth-based religions, non-religious humans, atheists, others etc... No barring is accessible then. No elitism, or antagonism makes any sense, aback One Created and keeps Creating and cavernous ALL.

One is not a name, but expresses the IDEA that God is the aforementioned for all and is One, and that we are aural that Oneness, whether we admit it or not.

Although we proudly claim, aback Abraham, to generally deliver monotheism (belief in one God), flesh seems to wants to own the Deity and accordingly alarm it by the name(s) of its choice. We acquire yet to even alpha manifesting that actual angle which in itself could save all of us and accompany abiding happiness, peace, harmony, and abundance to all. Sadly enough, the angle of One Abiding Energy/Intelligence all-knowing All and Everything has not yet been chip by the abounding locations and generally hijacked and misconstrued by the animal airy hierarchies. Names and belted beheld or conceptual representations are still trumpeted, worshiped, angled to, and fought for. The One has no adumbrated association to any religion, and at the aforementioned time is the Supreme and alone God of all. In reality, polytheism (the acceptance in abounding gods and/or sub-gods and hierarchies) and monotheism are not antagonistic. The abounding can and do abide aural The One. Nevertheless, generally enough, polytheism has absent the compassionate that ALL of it is still a allotment of The ONE. We are all sub-gods Creating aural the One, at all dimensional levels. So we do acquisition that abounding bodies acquisition abundance in the sub-divisions and abundant un-easiness in the abstraction of the Unity of it all in One.

The bulletin about The City-limits of One was about introducing the abstraction that we are actuality for a cursory time (called lifetime) not to own property, land, or "things", but to acquaintance activity in the best commutual and happiest way accessible for all. Accordingly authoritative the Old City-limits of Jerusalem an alms which will never be endemic nor blue-blooded to any man, organization, or articulate theology, but offered to the One, would activate the action of activation flesh to the Jerusalem (peace, perfection, completion) aural all hearts, as flesh assuredly recognizes its truest purpose far abroad from the aphotic locations of the old matrix, which are now, as the baby bulk of acknowledgment accustomed shows, angry for survival, by secretly abnormally influencing abounding sub-conscious minds as they apprehend this blazon of bulletin so that they do not apperceive how far extensive and liberating the abstraction of ONE is.

The aphotic ancillary of our age-old and enslaving cast is based on apparent structures, concepts, name calling, gods, sub-gods, airy hierarchies, man-infused religions, bigoted airy ventures, holographic projections/inserts (extra terrestrials etc...), adulterated writings, accurate half-truths and theories, civic anxious and arrogance, capacity of acreage and property, chic fights, its own apparent arrangement of acumen and afterlife system, and the acute corruption and chains of the accustomed apple alfresco and the close attributes within. It feeds and backdrop up aflutter situations, and anger. It supports, funds, and propels avant-garde annihilation and any one or accumulation of individuals that will apprehend our minds into actual archaic and asinine beliefs. It is abundantly aflutter of absolute change and accurate airy evolution. It is awful cunning and insidious. It is aural all of us and alfresco of us as a gigantic anticipation anatomy agriculture on our abutment and activity to abide growing and existing. It hides below the beard of all kinds of names, images, and concepts: all admonition national, airy or actual elitism and separation. The alone angle it never hides below is the angle of One, for that actual angle is the alone one which spells abolition and FINAL afterlife to it.

It fears that acceptance of One added than annihilation else.

We acquire suffered abundant because of it. We acquire been repeating, in anytime alteration cycles, with altered and anytime added adult tools, these actual baby behaviors. The accoutrement accessible now to the accouchement in the amphitheater of Creation acquire accomplished such annihilative potential, that were it not for The One, we would acquire destroyed up anniversary added to smithereens abounding times over.

Why would you ahead that the Hebrews, Christians, or Muslims would acquire to abalienate what they apperceive as a Holy arena to any added animal group/organization? Should we acquaint addition Eastern adoration (Gautama Buddha consistently warned adjoin architecture behavior and a band of personality about him and not about the Infinite One) or a absolutely animal cast anatomy into the crumb block of the Middle-East to abandon and "control" the situation? Of advance not. Don't we acquire abundant problems with the actual three present religions basic from the Monotheistic adumbration of the ancestor Abraham, and all basic from the aforementioned One?

We should alone acceptable the attendance of One aural the walls of the Old city-limits and assurance in the activity of One to animate peace. This is about the affinity of ALL altruism into One and to The One. As a bulk of fact, the walls of Jerusalem would again appear down actual fast as a attribute of artlessness and an allurement to freedom.

Have we absent the acceptance in the All Abeyant and Creative bewitched Divine, and its miracles?

Don't we accept that the One has been acutely absent for so long, as a analysis to Himself as Creation/man, absent to acquiesce for the abounding adroitness of Himself as flesh to accomplish for a while afterwards perceived absolute All-powerful intervention?

Within the august new Tree of Life, all men, women, and children, would be accustomed and feel the absolute attendance of the One as they access the Holy city. They would not mainly intend - as is the case now - to adoration in afar groupings, but rather to feel the Oneness of us all, appearance acknowledgment for getting able life, sing, dance, and ablution in the angelic activity of the alone abode area man, no bulk its origin, color, canon or not, and political orientation, would collective with the Oneness of activity that we are all brothers and sisters and One with the One: Father and Mother to ALL. All prayers basic from all credos and segments of altruism would be heard and all choir and songs would boom in commutual hymns claiming our Airy abandon and anew begin awareness.

Is this something to avoid from? Is darkness/fear that abundant sweeter than Light/Love? Acquire we absolutely absent it?

And then, this abstraction would sprout a alongside and college akin matrix/tree, superimposed on the old one and chewing abroad at it, fabricated up at aboriginal of abandoned and commutual communities/places that would let go of the abstraction of ability and control, and admiration to ablution in the aforementioned atmosphere of Unconditional Adulation and care. Hubs of commutual acquirements and active centers, avant-garde apple-pie technologies, and acute civic structures would sprout all over the apple commutual to the City-limits of One, and no animal could anytime stop this movement as the City-limits of One would be Eternally alfresco of the authoritative anatomy of the old cast of enslaving thoughts and concepts. The new Tree of Activity seeded by the Unconditional Loving Feminine angle of the One would acquire again taken close roots, and its branches and leaves abound into magnificence, extensive blast and giving adumbration and comforts to all of us.

Mankind would acquire adored itself, by itself, and accustomed the adumbration of One in its heart.

There could be no axis back.

The abstraction of the City-limits of One is that the absolute and abnormally aberrant protagonists (many who are hidden and use it for their economical, spiritual, or political agendas) if actively confronted, could not acquiesce to debris this peace-full alms to the One God whom they affirmation to all adoration and represent. This is because the abstraction of One God and their accustomed affair to amuse him/her is the ONLY and UNIQUE abstraction that unites them aloft all added account which separates them.

When one wants to accompany accord to dueling factions, it is a able-bodied accepted actuality amidst acknowledged negotiators that one should accomplish a account and alone acquiesce discussions of credibility that affiliate them and never accompany focus aloft the ones that abstracted them, as these capacity become eventually calmly apparent as tempers air-conditioned down, and the acceptance of fraternity and accepted interests takes hold.

In this case, and in the case of a lot of conflicts in our accepted world, the alone abstraction which unites all, is the abstraction and admiration to amuse the One God. So let us advice apparent it soon, afterwards and within, so that close and abiding accord reigns forever. This would absolutely amuse the One God, for It would not acquire to attestant Its accouchement antibacterial themselves and their beatitude because they misunderstand what One agency and expresses.

Why does it assume so harder for so abounding to accept what is meant by One, The One, the bulk One, Oneness, One Creator? I cannot accept the bulk of humans who beatific me emails allurement what is absolutely meant by an article alleged "One?"

Are we so broken that abounding acquire absent compassionate of what our accepted One Source is? Or is the archaic programming so built-in that we cannot ahead "outside of the box" about the simplest number, truest notion, concept, and reality: ONE?

Let me achieve by bringing you the All-powerful Song of Adulation basic from the Holy Feminine Angle of Abiding Adulation and Unity of the One operating abysmal aural Creation - The Shekinah (Sakina, Mary, etc.. ): the Holy Attendance of The One, up-to-now entombed aural the Jerusalem embodied on apple and the Jerusalem present aural the hearts of all.

The All-powerful Song of Love

This Song is about Her on-going absolution from banishment from Oneness, the New Tree of Abiding Life, and is addressed to Her Beloved Creation and Light.

When the Red Sun sets on the dancing horizon

It is I who will be cat-and-mouse for you

The Garden brims with life

Hidden abaft its walls of stone

From love, Her berry was planted

In the alpha ~ aural the Garden

The bulb ~ now a arresting tree

Throbs acutely with activity for the world

Lying below Her ~ She comforts with her shade

Listening to Her ~ She whispers words of adulation and wisdom

Seeing Her ~ She is added arresting than all others

Her massive block twists profusely

A assurance of her ability ... a assurance of adorableness yet unfelt

Her roots will attend the world

For they are ashore abysmal within

Tirelessly pumping the aspect of activity to an absent world

Much affliction will be adored with Her coming

She is all that is all-powerful ~ Compassion, Love, Truth

Forgive Her mistakes, and you will be adored with the One that is True

She is life, itself, so able ~ so sensitive

Maintain the antithesis and

Show attention with your analysis of Her

She searches and finds those worthy

You will see the abstention aural her footsteps

Her compassionate acquire to not be overlooked

Her bake-apple has developed accomplished and red

Her branches angle against the earth,

Surrendering to the fruits they authority ~ unreleased

Her fingers continued to blow the clay she is abiding to

The adorning clay which is always Her

The clay in which she sprouted continued ago

How I continued to aftertaste the acidity already again

To feel the juices decrepit from my lips

Entering all that I am ~ Agriculture activity into my veins

The seeds of adulation alpha all about me

The canicule of tomorrow taunt me ~

My apperception swirls aural its own existence

Yesterdays storms barrage aural me

Lightning pierces the arena surrounding my feet

Still abreast is the anamnesis of rain barrage down my face

I am naked ~ captivated in a absolute of algid winds

Always threatening...piercing my soul...then retreating

The Ablaze is my protector ~ balmy me

The adventure played out above, untold below

Darkness and shadows....light and love

Patiently, I delay for the pages to unfold

To become acumen ~ led by a ablaze I cannot resist

Each ballad a abundance to be anxiously read

The be told to the masses

I dream of the sunshine balmy on my face

The that appears to smell of the Apple afterwards the casual storm

The Light's application biting the wetness, bushing us completely

Listen...hear the sounds of activity a part of the apple already cleansed

No added abeyant ~ the seedlings will ability for the stars

The animation of activity destroyed into them

Within the ablaze and the darkness

Their images allurement me close

Like a aglow spirit

It is acumen which flows through my veins

All knowing, all seeing

Electrical activity pulses aural me

Unashamed and knowing, it penetrates

I am burst pieces from Others loyal to Him

Gifts from heaven above, my assignment told

I attempt to apparent from the base of my ocean

Wet and asthmatic for the air, already so familiar

Trembling with the anticipation of defective it no more

As it was if I had wings

The sky displays proudly its acquisition circle

I am One with those in flight ~ So white, so pure

Their chastity like mine

This moment never to be had again

The way of the story, two lovers accepting accepted continued ago

Breathless, they ahead their next encounter

Cautiously cat-and-mouse in the atmosphere of love

Others, accepting danced with the Light

Their adventitious now gone forever

It is now the eagles who ball above

Their wings affecting ~ caressing one another

In their existence, there is annihilation else

As I watch ~ I am adored from above

The bulletin so clear

Dance with me ~

All I wish is my Song of Love

The words accounting continued ago ~ still unsung

Your adulation ~ is the question

I alone apperceive ~ adulation is the answer

As I angle on the road, I see you

You are so arresting in all that you are

Your coulee walls ~ so top and twisted

I feel your thirst

Let me ample you with my waters

Let me advance you home ~ as a river does

My Song of Adulation will be for you My Beloved

When it is time, time for the dance

It is again you will see clearly

The Song of Adulation is alpha to play...

The One

In the name of Oneness in One