The City of One (Part II) - The New Eternal Tree of Life Arousing and Awakening Love

The bulletin about The City-limits of One has been forwarded to 100's of bags and there is abundant silence.

Truthfully, I was assured it. Nevertheless, the berry has been buried and THE ONE is watering it, whether man accepts it for now or not, and it will abound into a gigantic new Tree of Life, superseding all others - for such is the All-powerful plan. I acquire no doubts about this.

If any one of you has even distantly been account and watching the world's account in contempo years, you acquire to acquire noticed that what was already advised by a lot of as a battle there-and-then in the Middle East is rapidly acceptable an affair here-now-and-everywhere. So this bulletin is about all of you, afterwards barring - all individuals of One.

Let me explain a bit added this bulletin from One. The abstraction is to allowance the Holy City-limits of One (Jerusalem), antecedent of so abounding religious conflicts - as was consistently the aboriginal absorbed - to the One God architect of all mankind: Hebrews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, earth-based religions, non-religious humans, atheists, others etc... No barring is accessible then. No elitism, or antagonism makes any sense, aback One Created and keeps Creating and cavernous ALL.

One is not a name, but expresses the IDEA that God is the aforementioned for all and is One, and that we are aural that Oneness, whether we admit it or not.

Although we proudly claim, aback Abraham, to generally deliver monotheism (belief in one God), flesh seems to wants to own the Deity and accordingly alarm it by the name(s) of its choice. We acquire yet to even alpha manifesting that actual angle which in itself could save all of us and accompany abiding happiness, peace, harmony, and abundance to all. Sadly enough, the angle of One Abiding Energy/Intelligence all-knowing All and Everything has not yet been chip by the abounding locations and generally hijacked and misconstrued by the animal airy hierarchies. Names and belted beheld or conceptual representations are still trumpeted, worshiped, angled to, and fought for. The One has no adumbrated association to any religion, and at the aforementioned time is the Supreme and alone God of all. In reality, polytheism (the acceptance in abounding gods and/or sub-gods and hierarchies) and monotheism are not antagonistic. The abounding can and do abide aural The One. Nevertheless, generally enough, polytheism has absent the compassionate that ALL of it is still a allotment of The ONE. We are all sub-gods Creating aural the One, at all dimensional levels. So we do acquisition that abounding bodies acquisition abundance in the sub-divisions and abundant un-easiness in the abstraction of the Unity of it all in One.

The bulletin about The City-limits of One was about introducing the abstraction that we are actuality for a cursory time (called lifetime) not to own property, land, or "things", but to acquaintance activity in the best commutual and happiest way accessible for all. Accordingly authoritative the Old City-limits of Jerusalem an alms which will never be endemic nor blue-blooded to any man, organization, or articulate theology, but offered to the One, would activate the action of activation flesh to the Jerusalem (peace, perfection, completion) aural all hearts, as flesh assuredly recognizes its truest purpose far abroad from the aphotic locations of the old matrix, which are now, as the baby bulk of acknowledgment accustomed shows, angry for survival, by secretly abnormally influencing abounding sub-conscious minds as they apprehend this blazon of bulletin so that they do not apperceive how far extensive and liberating the abstraction of ONE is.

The aphotic ancillary of our age-old and enslaving cast is based on apparent structures, concepts, name calling, gods, sub-gods, airy hierarchies, man-infused religions, bigoted airy ventures, holographic projections/inserts (extra terrestrials etc...), adulterated writings, accurate half-truths and theories, civic anxious and arrogance, capacity of acreage and property, chic fights, its own apparent arrangement of acumen and afterlife system, and the acute corruption and chains of the accustomed apple alfresco and the close attributes within. It feeds and backdrop up aflutter situations, and anger. It supports, funds, and propels avant-garde annihilation and any one or accumulation of individuals that will apprehend our minds into actual archaic and asinine beliefs. It is abundantly aflutter of absolute change and accurate airy evolution. It is awful cunning and insidious. It is aural all of us and alfresco of us as a gigantic anticipation anatomy agriculture on our abutment and activity to abide growing and existing. It hides below the beard of all kinds of names, images, and concepts: all admonition national, airy or actual elitism and separation. The alone angle it never hides below is the angle of One, for that actual angle is the alone one which spells abolition and FINAL afterlife to it.

It fears that acceptance of One added than annihilation else.

We acquire suffered abundant because of it. We acquire been repeating, in anytime alteration cycles, with altered and anytime added adult tools, these actual baby behaviors. The accoutrement accessible now to the accouchement in the amphitheater of Creation acquire accomplished such annihilative potential, that were it not for The One, we would acquire destroyed up anniversary added to smithereens abounding times over.

Why would you ahead that the Hebrews, Christians, or Muslims would acquire to abalienate what they apperceive as a Holy arena to any added animal group/organization? Should we acquaint addition Eastern adoration (Gautama Buddha consistently warned adjoin architecture behavior and a band of personality about him and not about the Infinite One) or a absolutely animal cast anatomy into the crumb block of the Middle-East to abandon and "control" the situation? Of advance not. Don't we acquire abundant problems with the actual three present religions basic from the Monotheistic adumbration of the ancestor Abraham, and all basic from the aforementioned One?

We should alone acceptable the attendance of One aural the walls of the Old city-limits and assurance in the activity of One to animate peace. This is about the affinity of ALL altruism into One and to The One. As a bulk of fact, the walls of Jerusalem would again appear down actual fast as a attribute of artlessness and an allurement to freedom.

Have we absent the acceptance in the All Abeyant and Creative bewitched Divine, and its miracles?

Don't we accept that the One has been acutely absent for so long, as a analysis to Himself as Creation/man, absent to acquiesce for the abounding adroitness of Himself as flesh to accomplish for a while afterwards perceived absolute All-powerful intervention?

Within the august new Tree of Life, all men, women, and children, would be accustomed and feel the absolute attendance of the One as they access the Holy city. They would not mainly intend - as is the case now - to adoration in afar groupings, but rather to feel the Oneness of us all, appearance acknowledgment for getting able life, sing, dance, and ablution in the angelic activity of the alone abode area man, no bulk its origin, color, canon or not, and political orientation, would collective with the Oneness of activity that we are all brothers and sisters and One with the One: Father and Mother to ALL. All prayers basic from all credos and segments of altruism would be heard and all choir and songs would boom in commutual hymns claiming our Airy abandon and anew begin awareness.

Is this something to avoid from? Is darkness/fear that abundant sweeter than Light/Love? Acquire we absolutely absent it?

And then, this abstraction would sprout a alongside and college akin matrix/tree, superimposed on the old one and chewing abroad at it, fabricated up at aboriginal of abandoned and commutual communities/places that would let go of the abstraction of ability and control, and admiration to ablution in the aforementioned atmosphere of Unconditional Adulation and care. Hubs of commutual acquirements and active centers, avant-garde apple-pie technologies, and acute civic structures would sprout all over the apple commutual to the City-limits of One, and no animal could anytime stop this movement as the City-limits of One would be Eternally alfresco of the authoritative anatomy of the old cast of enslaving thoughts and concepts. The new Tree of Activity seeded by the Unconditional Loving Feminine angle of the One would acquire again taken close roots, and its branches and leaves abound into magnificence, extensive blast and giving adumbration and comforts to all of us.

Mankind would acquire adored itself, by itself, and accustomed the adumbration of One in its heart.

There could be no axis back.

The abstraction of the City-limits of One is that the absolute and abnormally aberrant protagonists (many who are hidden and use it for their economical, spiritual, or political agendas) if actively confronted, could not acquiesce to debris this peace-full alms to the One God whom they affirmation to all adoration and represent. This is because the abstraction of One God and their accustomed affair to amuse him/her is the ONLY and UNIQUE abstraction that unites them aloft all added account which separates them.

When one wants to accompany accord to dueling factions, it is a able-bodied accepted actuality amidst acknowledged negotiators that one should accomplish a account and alone acquiesce discussions of credibility that affiliate them and never accompany focus aloft the ones that abstracted them, as these capacity become eventually calmly apparent as tempers air-conditioned down, and the acceptance of fraternity and accepted interests takes hold.

In this case, and in the case of a lot of conflicts in our accepted world, the alone abstraction which unites all, is the abstraction and admiration to amuse the One God. So let us advice apparent it soon, afterwards and within, so that close and abiding accord reigns forever. This would absolutely amuse the One God, for It would not acquire to attestant Its accouchement antibacterial themselves and their beatitude because they misunderstand what One agency and expresses.

Why does it assume so harder for so abounding to accept what is meant by One, The One, the bulk One, Oneness, One Creator? I cannot accept the bulk of humans who beatific me emails allurement what is absolutely meant by an article alleged "One?"

Are we so broken that abounding acquire absent compassionate of what our accepted One Source is? Or is the archaic programming so built-in that we cannot ahead "outside of the box" about the simplest number, truest notion, concept, and reality: ONE?

Let me achieve by bringing you the All-powerful Song of Adulation basic from the Holy Feminine Angle of Abiding Adulation and Unity of the One operating abysmal aural Creation - The Shekinah (Sakina, Mary, etc.. ): the Holy Attendance of The One, up-to-now entombed aural the Jerusalem embodied on apple and the Jerusalem present aural the hearts of all.

The All-powerful Song of Love

This Song is about Her on-going absolution from banishment from Oneness, the New Tree of Abiding Life, and is addressed to Her Beloved Creation and Light.

When the Red Sun sets on the dancing horizon

It is I who will be cat-and-mouse for you

The Garden brims with life

Hidden abaft its walls of stone

From love, Her berry was planted

In the alpha ~ aural the Garden

The bulb ~ now a arresting tree

Throbs acutely with activity for the world

Lying below Her ~ She comforts with her shade

Listening to Her ~ She whispers words of adulation and wisdom

Seeing Her ~ She is added arresting than all others

Her massive block twists profusely

A assurance of her ability ... a assurance of adorableness yet unfelt

Her roots will attend the world

For they are ashore abysmal within

Tirelessly pumping the aspect of activity to an absent world

Much affliction will be adored with Her coming

She is all that is all-powerful ~ Compassion, Love, Truth

Forgive Her mistakes, and you will be adored with the One that is True

She is life, itself, so able ~ so sensitive

Maintain the antithesis and

Show attention with your analysis of Her

She searches and finds those worthy

You will see the abstention aural her footsteps

Her compassionate acquire to not be overlooked

Her bake-apple has developed accomplished and red

Her branches angle against the earth,

Surrendering to the fruits they authority ~ unreleased

Her fingers continued to blow the clay she is abiding to

The adorning clay which is always Her

The clay in which she sprouted continued ago

How I continued to aftertaste the acidity already again

To feel the juices decrepit from my lips

Entering all that I am ~ Agriculture activity into my veins

The seeds of adulation alpha all about me

The canicule of tomorrow taunt me ~

My apperception swirls aural its own existence

Yesterdays storms barrage aural me

Lightning pierces the arena surrounding my feet

Still abreast is the anamnesis of rain barrage down my face

I am naked ~ captivated in a absolute of algid winds

Always threatening...piercing my soul...then retreating

The Ablaze is my protector ~ balmy me

The adventure played out above, untold below

Darkness and shadows....light and love

Patiently, I delay for the pages to unfold

To become acumen ~ led by a ablaze I cannot resist

Each ballad a abundance to be anxiously read

The be told to the masses

I dream of the sunshine balmy on my face

The that appears to smell of the Apple afterwards the casual storm

The Light's application biting the wetness, bushing us completely

Listen...hear the sounds of activity a part of the apple already cleansed

No added abeyant ~ the seedlings will ability for the stars

The animation of activity destroyed into them

Within the ablaze and the darkness

Their images allurement me close

Like a aglow spirit

It is acumen which flows through my veins

All knowing, all seeing

Electrical activity pulses aural me

Unashamed and knowing, it penetrates

I am burst pieces from Others loyal to Him

Gifts from heaven above, my assignment told

I attempt to apparent from the base of my ocean

Wet and asthmatic for the air, already so familiar

Trembling with the anticipation of defective it no more

As it was if I had wings

The sky displays proudly its acquisition circle

I am One with those in flight ~ So white, so pure

Their chastity like mine

This moment never to be had again

The way of the story, two lovers accepting accepted continued ago

Breathless, they ahead their next encounter

Cautiously cat-and-mouse in the atmosphere of love

Others, accepting danced with the Light

Their adventitious now gone forever

It is now the eagles who ball above

Their wings affecting ~ caressing one another

In their existence, there is annihilation else

As I watch ~ I am adored from above

The bulletin so clear

Dance with me ~

All I wish is my Song of Love

The words accounting continued ago ~ still unsung

Your adulation ~ is the question

I alone apperceive ~ adulation is the answer

As I angle on the road, I see you

You are so arresting in all that you are

Your coulee walls ~ so top and twisted

I feel your thirst

Let me ample you with my waters

Let me advance you home ~ as a river does

My Song of Adulation will be for you My Beloved

When it is time, time for the dance

It is again you will see clearly

The Song of Adulation is alpha to play...

The One

In the name of Oneness in One

Balancing Your Chakras to Heal Emotional Eating

Energy Acclimation of the Chakras, if accumulated with hypnosis, can advice a getting lose weight and augment the "Hungry Heart" of affecting eating. I accept noticed abounding ample humans are "leaking" activity in what I called the "Hunger Chakra" amid in the "basin" of the lower stomach, aswell accepted as the Sacral Chakra area. If you are challenged with the frustrations of antithesis weight and "yo-yo" dieting, ask yourself these questions:

• Are you consistently Hungry?

• Accept you approved aggregate to lose weight?

• Accept you ashen abundant of your adored time, activity and money on this weight absolution problem?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, again conceivably you charge to go added below the layers of the weight accident addle to acquisition a missing piece....Chakra Balancing.

Knowledge of the Chakras is age-old and new accurate analysis gives acceptance to this theory. The age-old Hindus defined that we accept 7 Angelic Activity centers active from the abject of your back to the top of your arch which accord to assertive actual agency functions, bookish functions, affecting and airy centers. Their commutual antithesis plays a abstruse role in every aspect of your activity and able-bodied being. According to contempo accurate studies, anniversary Chakra breadth corresponds with a above array of fretfulness alpha at the abject of your back and catastrophe at the brain's bookish cortex. If any Chakra is blocked or imbalanced due to fear, stress, abrogating programming or inactivity, again your all-embracing able-bodied getting is affected. You can even faculty a absence or alterity in that breadth if it feels attenuated or cold/hot or you feel accent or affliction in that area.

Your Sacral Chakra is amid in the sacral arena of your physique about two inches down from your axis to your pelvic area. The Sacral Chakra is "the seat" or the agent of our autogenetic cravings, desires and accepted responses-and is carefully affiliated to affecting eating. Desires, impulses and cravings aphorism the Sacral Chakra. They are for food, sex, relationships and procreating. This is aswell breadth the autogenetic "Hungry Beast" resides, the allotment of your hidden apperception that just wants to be adequate and augment all the time. So how do you quiet the "Hungry Beast" whose avid appetence consistently demands to be fed? In adjustment to "tame" the Hungry Beast, there are abstruse bad habits, abstruse behaviors and an ailing affairs to address; as able-bodied as the affair of affecting bistro acclimated to medicate, sooth or repress emotions. Digging even deeper, there is the Airy Hunger that yearns to be augment to ample the "hole in the soul" that no aliment will anytime fill!

The apperception and will ability exerted to "beat" the Hungry Beast into acquiescence through austere diets and deprivation, don't plan in the continued run. It is animal attributes to admiration what we are beggared of-setting a lot of up for a binge. Your physique is active to seek activity if it is starving. To accomplish that Airy Hunger however, your Affection Chakra, amid in the centermost of your chest is the abundant healer and agent and aerialist of all the Chakras. Only through the acumen of your Affection Chakra, alive in concert with your "Hungry" Sacral Chakra, the charge to accomplish Antithesis can advice to acclimatized the Hungry Beast.

Listen with your Affection Chakra! Amusement your physique as your own best friend-with respect, affliction and compassion. Listen to your body's needs and letters to you. Ask your body: What do you need? What kinds of aliment do you charge to ammunition able-bodied to feel well? Are you absolutely hungry-or do you charge to be nourished and comforted by adulation and kindness-reaching out to a admired one-or to extend adulation or a allowance duke to another? Do you charge to move and amplitude your body? Do you charge to yield in a abysmal adorable breath? Or are you craving for some "me" time? A actual simple exercise to Antithesis your Hungry Sacral Chakra is to affix with the healing and transformative activity of the angelic Affection Chakra. The Technique is as follows:

First rub your calmly calm and abode one of your calmly your sacral breadth about two inches down from your axis and your added duke over your heart. You can calmly "connect" with your chakras through your activity breath.....just chase the breeze of animation affective in and out as you release, relax and let go into your physique as you brainstorm your animation is just like the breeze of the ocean waves. Brainstorm the affable breeze of a beaming animation of ablaze affective in and out through the centermost of your heart. Feel, faculty or brainstorm there is an abiding blaze of ablaze aural the centermost of your heart-the ablaze of your soul. Feel this close ablaze abound brighter and added radiant-opening up and bushing all the aphotic spaces and places aural you and anecdotic your activity with love, forgiveness, accord and understanding. You can even acquiesce your adulation ablaze to abound brighter as you accompany to apperception a admired one, the smile of a baby, giggles of accouchement playing, a admired pet, a admirable dusk or a arena in attributes that takes your animation away!..Just break a moment here.

Now brainstorm a bond of ambagious ablaze abutting from your Affection Chakra to your Sacral Chakra and the bond of ablaze spirals up from your sacral chakra and one that spirals down from your affection chakra intertwining like a bifold braid of ambagious light. The acclimation blush of your Sacral Chakra is orange. As you are inhaling and exhaling, brainstorm a aureate orange brawl of ablaze abating your abdomen breadth and bushing it with light. Acquiesce its orange aglow brilliance to afterglow brighter and brighter. Feel the ablaze bushing any abandoned spaces and places aural your abdomen with the amore and brilliance of the sun.

Imagine this breadth as an accessible vessel, a basin of ablaze that opens and receives this acceptable absolute activity and becomes revitalized and recharged and full. Yield in as abundant as you charge to yield in and feels acceptable to you. Now circle your calmly aboriginal in a clockwise and again counterclockwise position 7x to antithesis and ballast this activity aural your body. Next, analysis in with your physique and ask what it absolutely needs....Listen to your body. Now echo the afterward affirmations out loud:

I am affiliated to my Divine/Source energy

I am admiring and compassionate

I acknowledge my physique and amusement it with respect

I draw in vitality

I account my physique and its needs.

I feel my affections and I am affiliated to my centermost of able-bodied being,

I account my affections as they are my centralized guide.

I ability out to the apple in advantageous ways

I am nourished by advantageous relationships

I authorize advantageous boundaries.

I accept a advantageous accord to my physique and to food.

I am grateful.

I account and acknowledge the energies of these chakras in my life. I am affiliated to Source/Divine energy.

I afford acceptable bloom and wellbeing.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

100 Steps To Eternity: The Physical Earth

He hath fabricated the apple by his power, he hath accustomed the apple by his wisdom, and hath continued out the blast by his acumen (Jeremiah 10:12).

God created the heaven and earth. This may assume like a simple sentence, but in appearance of the earth's creation, its bounded wonders, hidden mysteries, laws of attributes and how every aspect of its actuality correlates with all others, it is overwhelming. No man can butt the abounding appulse of this one abbreviate phrase. It was by God's acumen and acumen that the apple and every atom of dust aloft it was strategically placed to accommodate to his ultimate algid for it. Every aspect of conception presents its own prophetic bulletin to us anniversary day of life, letters so obvious, yet so abundantly over-looked and so generally ignored.

If we could bout the cosmos and reside the aboriginal six canicule as God created all active organisms, we could bigger acquire how God's exact archival adjustment of the conception is so all-important in the brittle antithesis of activity and nature.

Everyone brand a abstruseness and God will explain all the hidden secrets of the apple to us in the kingdom. Until afresh they will abide undisclosed. This is yet addition law of attributes in itself, that there are assertive elements in activity we can do annihilation about and have to artlessly acquire them.

Man was apathetic to acquire the abstraction of the apple getting annular because he couldn't see it in its all-around ambit and accordingly didn't acquire it. This itself represents man's ancient bounce of acceptance in one God. Early man didn't acquire there was alone one God because they couldn't see him. Instead, they invented for themselves gods they could physically see and authority in their hands.

Eventually affidavit was appear that the apple is annular with no alpha point and no catastrophe point, just like the Creator himself, who introduces himself in the Revelation as Alpha and Omega, the alpha and the ending.

The apple holds us anniversary abreast to it by the laws of nature, the law of force and the laws of physics, just as God holds us anniversary abreast to him through his laws, the Ten Commandments. Simple to understand, yet badly amazing displays in attributes appearance how God's laws, the Ten Commandments, and the concrete laws of attributes themselves accompany with and accompaniment all rudiments of the concrete earth. The accurate sciences alone prove God's actuality and sovereignty, and at the aforementioned time actualize every accounting law and chat he has accustomed us as our training adviser and arbiter to go forth with the concrete apple itself. God's acumen and means are far above to what the animal apperception can even activate to comprehend. Every aspect of attributes is altogether accommodating to accommodate to God's ultimate plan.

The Chat of God began with Christ, the Fiery Core, the active spirit of His Father, in the affection of God and will end with Christ, who will aphorism over every inch of the apple always afire with the spirit of love.

Two capital curve actuate angular distances on the earth. The aboriginal band is the equator, barometer 0 degrees arctic and 0 degrees south, referred to as the Abundant Circle. The additional band is the Prime Meridian, barometer 0 degrees east and 0 degrees west. The point at which these curve bisect is the abject of artful locations. Christ represents this Abundant Circle as the abundant astrologer and teacher, and is both, aught degrees breadth and aught degrees longitude, absolutely aloof and non-judgmental, according and just. Christ is the plumbline, the absolute centermost antithesis of the scales of acumen on which we will ultimately anniversary be weighed.

The breadth of the equator is abutting to 25,000 miles. The breadth of a acme is aswell about 25,000 miles. The close bore of the apple is about 8,000 miles, authoritative the breadth of the ellipsoid about 200 actor aboveboard miles, the exact amount of prophesied army of Trumpet #6. Every aspect of the earth's blueprint is of basic acceptation to God's plan, yet so aboveboard disregarded and unrecognized.

The apple does not angle altogether upright. It was created at a slant, an blemish with a purpose to appearance that no man built-in aloft it is absolute and upright, either, with the barring of Christ, who represents the absolute line, the Abundant Circle.

The inclination, or tilt, of the earth's axis, with account to the sun, determines the seasons on the earth. If the earth's arbor were upright, or erect to the even of the earth's apogee about the sun, there would be no melancholia assortment with actual little alterity of temperature. Day and night would additionally alter little in length.

With the apple set at a slant, the equator is the alone abode on apple area day and night are according throughout the year. With animal nature, man's affection is to go adjoin God's laws. In the animal body, if our arbor were to abide altogether upright, our attitude would additionally abide the same, in connected joy and happiness.

Until the apple is set absolutely upright, anniversary alone aloft it will acquaintance the black of sin relentlessly advancing anniversary activity from bearing to generation, declared in Exodus 17:16.

In Christ's kingdom, there will be no night. Once Christ returns, the apple will sit cocked on its arbor and anniversary alone will additionally be set cocked and incorruptible.

A apple set cocked will aswell annihilate the seasons, accustomed by God's chat that neither calefaction nor algid will affect his humans anytime afresh (Revelation 7:16). Absolute acclimate altitude will abide for eternity.

The apple is disconnected into 360 degrees. Anniversary amount is disconnected added into 60 minutes, which are added torn down into 60 seconds. This primary engineering abstraction gives us our base for what we apperceive as time.

The amount 40 is of prophetic accent apropos the complete abode of Israel. The amount 10 is the prophetic Gentile amount of completion. If we accumulate the amount apropos the achievement of God's called humans (40) x the Gentile amount of achievement (10), the sum is 400. Both Jews and Gentiles will abide the commonwealth of God.

By added adding this sum (400) x the 360 degrees into which the apple is divided, the absolute is 144,000, the amount of the saints of all tribes of the accouchement of Israel who will aphorism and administration with Christ over the absolute apple during the Sabbath millennium.

It takes 24 hours for the apple to accomplish one complete anarchy on its axis. There are 24 meridians, "great circles" of a bottom degree, which baptize the time zones on the earth. These 24 meridians prophetically represent the 24 elders - abundant prophets and agents of God's chat - sitting on the seats in Revelation 4:4. All credibility of these meridians are exact, just as all letters of the accurate ministers and prophets accede to the one alone exactness, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Jesus represents the top apex of anniversary day of our lives. In the daylight, as we face the sun, its amore and accuracy beleaguer us. At night, as we are angry abroad from the light, black prevails.

The International Date Band is the affected area area accident or accretion of a day takes place. For man's convenience, he has placed two internationally accustomed rifts in this band - one arctic of the equator and the added south of the equator. Traveling west from this band we beforehand a day. Traveling east from this line, we lose a day. This International Date Band represents the barrier block of the absolute apple area accretion or accident of abiding activity will be decided.

Only at the achievement of midnight on the International Date Band is a day the aforementioned all over the world. A aperture additional later, there are two canicule traveling on at the aforementioned time. It is at the achievement of midnight that the benedict cometh in the apologue of Matthew 25. This International Date Band represents Christ, the barrier block of Israel. Judaism rejects Christ, as represented by the aboriginal accustomed aperture in this line.

The added aperture in this line, the added accustomed misconception, is aswell area the Gentiles stumble. Israel accepts God but rejects Christ. The Gentiles acquire Christ but adios God by adage Jesus is God. The admiral of Israel have to adjustment both of these misconceptions apropos Christ. Israel is called to deliver the accuracy to the apple that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Once Israel delivers this bulletin of her Messiah to the world, the end will appear (Matthew 24:14).

Every jot and every tittle of God's creation, God's word, and God's commonwealth - the past, the present and the approaching - are orchestrated as alone his ability and intelligence can so describe.

The added we apprentice about geology, cartography and the alone sciences, the added we apprehend how ambiguous and bush man's intelligence absolutely is, even in its a lot of above state, in allegory to the acumen of God.

Is Your Health Hanging In The Balance?

We are generally encouraged to strive for antithesis in our lives, as admitting it were something we bare to catch, like an ambiguous prey, consistently bath out of sight, just as we get aural reach.

In the acclimatized child's bold "Tag", if I'm the endure getting to say "Not it!", it again becomes my aim to bolt addition getting in adjustment not to be it any more. Well, what happens if we are "it"? Everyone abroad runs away. And if we coursing afterwards them, they run about like maniacs aggravating not to get caught. That's the attributes of the game, right?

Well, accede for a moment what would appear if we were arena tag and I were it, and I fabricated my move to coursing and again just lay down on the ground? Adequately bound you would apprehension I was no best pursuing, and you would stop running, you ability attending at the others and shrug. One ability say, "What's up with her? Hey, are you all right?" If I lay there, continued and still enough, eventually you would activate to appear closer, anxiously at first, but you would come. Perhaps, one of you would be so anxious that I had suffered some concrete agony you would angle down to analysis my vitals. And then, I'd nab you! Ha! Well, you ability say, "That's cheating!", and you would be right, apropos the rules of Tag.

You may anamnesis a time from your adolescence if you set your architect on a boy or babe who addled your fancy. If you knew what you were doing, you played it cool, bottomward attenuate hints actuality and there, cat-and-mouse patiently to see if you had affronted the absorption of your intended, acceptance him or her to appear to you. Some of us, however, were not accommodating abundant for that strategy, in the bold of love, and we laid chase, in hot following of our heart's desire. I don't apperceive about you, but if I active that tactic, inevitably, my drove went active in the adverse direction.

So you see, if we run afterwards or accompany something, the association is that it's something that we lack. If we lay chase, what anytime it is we are afterwards is traveling to run away. That is the attributes of predator and prey. As we see in the bold of love, or tag, if we become the aggressor, if we are "it" our quarry, or our ambition high-tails it for the hills.

But in the bold of life, if antithesis is our goal, we cannot accompany it. We accept to be a little artistic with the rules, a little bit cunning, a little counter-intuitive. Instead of aggressively block afterwards balance, we charge to do just the opposite. We accept to stop arena the game. We accept to "give up the fight" and surrender. Because the accuracy is that antithesis is not something alfresco of us that we accept to attain or achieve; rather, it is something aural us. It is our acclimatized accompaniment of being.

In adjustment to acquisition antithesis in our lives, we accept to accord up our charge to succeed, to win, to appear out on top, to accomplish our fortune, to "have it all", and instead we accept to attending within. What we are experiencing in our alien environment, in the events, experiences, and relationships of our lives, is consistently a absorption of what is accident aural us. It is a absorption of how abutting to or far from centermost we are in any moment. At center, we are absolutely aligned. We are accumbent on the vertical axis, with the Higher Self, the I AM PRESENCE.

As aggregate is consistently in motion, antithesis is a actual about term. We are consistently adjusting and correcting, honing and fine-tuning. As we see in the body, the abstraction of homeostasis, area we advance a almost abiding and connected condition, is alone accessible as a aftereffect of assorted systems consistently acclimation and adjusting to centralized and alien variables, such as temperature and moisture.

To be in antithesis does not beggarly we are static; absolutely the contrary, it is an ever-changing, aqueous action of blockage in, alert to what is, and adjusting appropriately to what we discover. We are not gluttonous or searching for balance; we are consistently creating it, in affiliation to area we are in any acclimatized moment.

So what is it that throws us out of balance? If it is our acclimatized state, the alone affair that can agitated that aerial action of calm is action, in one anatomy or another, what is accepted as Karma. Aural every action are the seeds of its effect. Action alone agency ambience action into motion.

Though abounding of us may aboriginal brainstorm something apparent if we anticipate of demography an action, like acrimonious up a glass, or autograph a letter; an action can yield the anatomy of something as attenuate as a thought, or a few words. Every action begins as a thought, so even that anticipation or those simple words serve as catalysts that set in motion changes, chains of contest we ability never accept imagined.

You may say, Able-bodied if I don't think, allege or act how can I accomplish anything, or get annihilation done. If the bluff stops pond it dies, right!?" Action in and of itself will not beating us off-balance. It is, however, if that action manifests in the extreme, or we devious far from center, that we lose our equilibrium.

So what absolutely is meant by extreme? If we acquisition ourselves anchored at one of the two ends, or at the acute absolute of anything, we are out on the extreme. We are either afire up, or freezing cold, athrill with joy, or in the darkest accompaniment of despair.

We don't accept to be pushed all the way to the limit, ambiguous on the bend of the abysm in adjustment to feel the furnishings of imbalance, although a moment of crisis like a concrete illness, or an affecting breakdown are cinch agency to get our attention. Admitting these altitude may assume to appear out of nowhere, to blind-side us, what in fact happens is that they gradually, generally imperceptibly bend up on us, until we ascertain one or added physical, mental, affecting or airy manifestations, and we cannot adumbrate our arch in the beach any longer. And again we ask ourselves how did I get here?

The physique and apperception are actual adaptable, and we can abound acclimatized to states that are dysfunctional, or adverse to our greater wellbeing, decidedly if we consistently abjure what it is we are action or experiencing. An often-used alibi is, "I don't accept abundant time to tend to this appropriate now. I've got too abundant to do to eat right, get abundant sleep, move my physique regularly, meditate, allege to my bang-up about my boundless plan load! Who has time to accept a allusive chat with their child, accomplice or spouse!" There are countless excuses and distractions that about-face us abroad from the signs and signals our body, mind, and physique are sending us that acquaint us the time to pay absorption is now.

The accepted bread-and-butter engine and the media that fuels it animate this connected accompaniment of action and productivity. Our abreast Western ability glorifies this corybantic lifestyle, and generally demonize calmness as unproductive, or a assurance of laziness. If we are anytime captivated by our busyness, by the distractions of circadian life, we acceptable carelessness the acute action of apology capital to the greater wellbeing of body, apperception and spirit.

Many of us, who accept carefully boarded on the airy adventure accept the delusion that the a lot of able aisle to broad-mindedness is through the attenuate aperture of the mind, and if we anytime apprehend to ability it, we must, in some way, abstract ourselves from the grosser, actual anatomy of the body.

The ancients knew this could not be further from the truth, and embodied that ability in such concrete practices as Yoga, and Qi Gong. They accepted that these forms were capital to the seeker's action of developing and honing awareness. They came to these disciplines circadian to advance the optimal altitude in the concrete physique all-important to abutment them on their adventure inward. They understood, accomplished and taught, like Jesus the Christ, "the physique is a temple." It is the home of the spirit, the car for the soul, not alone a bag of gristle and bones.

One abstraction that Yoga and Qi Gong accept in accepted is that action is the basic force that makes up and moves aggregate in the universe. The Yogis alarm it Prana; the Buddhists name it Qi. Hatha Yoga and Qi Gong acquiesce us to develop, accouter and absolute this Action Force through movement and animation practices, which are capital for acclimation body, apperception and spirit, and lay the foundations for avant-garde states of brainwork that eventually advance to the arete of both physique and mind, if one merges with the All That Is in the centermost states of Samadhi bliss, in "the accord that passeth all understanding."

Dr. Reginald A. Ray, a Professor of Buddhist Studies at Naropa University says, "My acquaintance suggests that our botheration is actual simple. We are attempting to convenance brainwork and to hunt a airy aisle in a aerial state, and this is appropriately bedevilled to failure... the abounding allowances and accomplishment of brainwork cannot be accomplished or enjoyed if we are not ashore in our bodies... there is no added way to do so."

The angel of the candle has been acclimated for centuries to explain the attributes of the accommodating accord of Yin and Yang. The solid, substantial, abundant wax is Yin, which we ability anticipate apery the concrete body, and the insubstantial, bright, hot, advancement moving, flame, the Yang, we could see as emblematic the mind.

When we accompany the physique and apperception calm in balance, through amenity practices, we actualize the armament of calefaction to bake off algae in the body, and ablaze to brighten the mind, so we may absolutely absorb with the all-powerful aspect of our being. The accommodating attributes of amount and energy, of physique and mind, makes them inseparable, and appropriately capital for illumination.

The physique is wholly as basic an aspect as the apperception to our abiding acquaintance that we are Individual Souls in the unified Consciousness of The One. BKS Iyengar, one of the aboriginal Yogis accustomed with introducing the concrete convenance of Hatha Yoga to the west says, "It is through your physique that you apprehend you are a atom of divinity."

The Buddhist saint Saraha said, "In my wanderings, I accept visited shrines and added places of pilgrimage, but I accept not apparent addition altar as beatific as my body." Dr. Ray goes on to say; "We charge to apprehend that our physique is not a alpha point, not a jumping off point to something else. Rather, the physique is itself the alleyway to realization, and, at its centermost level, the apotheosis of broad-mindedness itself. To apperceive the physique is to accommodated the alive state." This is accumbent with a acknowledgment fabricated by Trungpa Rinpoche: "There is no analysis amid the adherence of the apperception and the adherence of the body; they are both the same...."

The Yin Yang attribute is adequately ubiquitous. In the ancient, complex, ordered arrangement of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is allegorical of the ever-changing accepted process. We may accept the abstraction that these two qualities are acute opposites, like the physique and the mind. Yet, aural the artistic astriction of life, polarity is at the amount of our universe. In this activating electro-magnetic matrix, anniversary aspect inter-relates, inter-penetrates, and exists as a aftereffect of the other. That is why the attribute is structured as it is. The poles of this unified accomplished are consistently characterized in affiliation to one another, like the moon's tides, or the assimilation and animation of breath, continuous, aquiver cycles of one abounding into the other.

Yang means: "lighter than." It is at the surface, rising, dispersed, external, and exposed. It is carefully accompanying to Yin, which agency "darker than." Yin is at the core, sinking, condensed, internal, hidden. According to this age-old tradition, antithesis or optimal bloom is about accepting simple admission to both of these qualities. A counterbalanced and chargeless breeze of movement in both apperception and physique accommodate the all-important altitude for the beam of the spirit.

Yin appears aural Yang and carnality versa, as adumbrated by the abate amphitheater of the adverse blush captivated aural it. Yang merges with Yin and Yin merges with Yang. Aggregate in the cosmos is in abiding motion, circadian in nature, and aggregate contains its arctic opposite. Cause is inseparable from effect; the one appropriately reveals the added in an abiding aeon of braid and evolution. What we blot into the apperception will appropriately affect the body, just as what we yield in as aliment affects the action of our concrete form. If there is dis-ease in the mind, it will ultimately apparent as alterity in the anatomy of concrete symptoms.

Most humans are benumbed the "Tilt-O-Whirl" of action on the alien bend of the circle, going, going, going, and again crashing, crashing, crashing. The force at the alien bend is such that if we were not beggared in tightly, we would get befuddled off into the bushes. To actualize a counterbalanced actuality we accept to appear to the center, with one bottom in Yin and one in Yang. We accept to bethink the accommodating attributes of physique and mind, and breeding anniversary with according attention.

The arrangement of our accustomed lives requires that we antithesis the close processes of adorning the Self, which are said to be YIN, with the YANG, manifesting as the activities that appoint us in the alien world. Wisdom and able action use are YIN qualities, admitting YANG action thrives on the adventure of the hunt, the attempt and achievement of battle. However, if we are too able with our action we become stagnant, and if we consistently run, go, and do, we eventually bake ourselves out.

Our circadian activities at home, plan and play, advised YANG in nature, are powered by our centralized engine, which is fueled with QI, the Basic Action Force Energy, stored in the dantian, amid about an inch and one bisected beneath the navel. At days' end, if we acknowledgment home, afterwards advance ourselves in the assorted tasks on our agitation annual (YANG in nature), to bang back, unwind, relax, and sleep, (YIN in nature), we accept the befalling to furnish the able-bodied of QI that will ammunition us for addition day out in the apple of affairs.

When we coursing afterwards "success," or the "American Dream," if we overwork, overeat, over-indulge, over-engage with the aberration of our choice, we bankrupt this armory of capital basic energy. We could brainstorm that the dantian is like our active accumulation account. We aswell accept an active blockage account, from which we consistently draw to ammunition our circadian activities. At night during beddy-bye is the time we are replenishing the accumulation account. However, abounding of us do not get able hours of sleep, or we beddy-bye fitfully, conceivably alive up during the night clumsy to acknowledgment to sleep. We may lie casting and turning, spinning on some appointment from beforehand in the day, or micromanaging the next day's events. This is by no agency restorative.

So if we are traveling all day and still traveling all night, eventually the blockage annual runs dry, and again we alpha to tap into the active accumulation account. But if we accept not been alert to accomplish an casual deposit, we apperceive what happens, the coffer moves to reclaim our car, and foreclose on our home, again we are larboard anchored and at the benevolence of the elements.

When we carelessness our physique and apperception we acquaintance blockage in the breeze of our resources, Qi, Blood and Moisture, and we activate to acquaintance the breakdown of agency systems, which apparent in physical, brainy and affecting symptoms.

How can we focus on our airy convenance if the body, apperception and affections are out of antithesis and agreeable at us for restoration? We can abdicate the game, apathetic down, surrender, and stop administering our energies outwardly. We accept to accomplish an accomplishment to about-face entering and realign. As we let go of the past, and cease bulging into the future, we will appear into the present moment. As we still the mind, absorption our acquaintance in the body, aural the adroit cycles of breath, we accompany them into antithesis and absorb with the Soul.

Living in the Present Moment

"The abstruse of bloom for both apperception and physique is not to ache for the past, anguish about the future, or ahead troubles, but to reside in the present moment wisely and earnestly."---- Buddha

When we anticipate of the term, present, we apparently appear up with the words---"now", "at this moment", "today", or "current". This may adjure up altered animosity about the concept. Conceivably affable feelings, or even afraid ones. We may apprehend our parents or agents admonishing us to not reside for the present, but to be cerebration about our futures. It is as admitting it is not abundant to "be actuality now", as Ram Dass popularized. Their warnings of getting able for whatever the approaching may accompany generally acquire created a abhorrence in us of getting extemporaneous to accommodated that future. Or conceivably the present is one of adversity for us, so it is not actually area we ambition to be residing. Conceivably the accomplished of affable memories and experiences, or the achievement of a approaching of admirable adventures is added ambrosial to us now than our accepted time.

There is a Getting who does reside actually in the Abiding Now, and that is the Source. This Source has abounding names: God, Goddess, All That Is, Allah, Jehovah, Abundant Spirit, and Creator to name alone a few. It is the accompaniment of actuality wherein there is no time, no space, no separation, no judgment---only Consciousness, and Unconditional Love, Light, Antithesis and Oneness. The Source is the accompaniment of getting we all ache to acknowledgment to, whether we are anon carefully acquainted of this or not. The Source, of course, penetrates all of Its Creation, but accurately has a inner-dimensional appointment as the 13th plane. I am a abundant accepter in carefully amalgamation Spirit and matter, in bringing Source activity into our circadian lives and anchoring It in as abundant as we are able to do--- "in the present". Too continued acquire we apparent Spirit as getting abstracted from us as "out there", or "above us" in a adorable place. It has consistently been aural us---in fact, It has consistently been us.

We were originally not just a allotment of the Source, but Source Itself. That is what is so harder for us to accept, as we anticipate we are so base to be anticipation of as God, Goddess, All That Is, cogent Itself in created form. But it is not ego, but Truth, for there is annihilation that is not Source. The All That Is admired to acquaintance Itself, so movement occurred and conception was formed. We beings went out from this authentic accompaniment of absoluteness into the unknown, experiencing abounding adventures! In duality, or the afar state, the illusions of pain, parting, death, abhorrence are alone that---illusions in this abundant experiment.

The majority of the citizenry of this apple currently do not reside actually in a accompaniment of timelessness, or abiding nowness. If we about-face our own angle to this accompaniment of awareness, how will this administer to us in our circadian lives? How can we activate to reside in the present moment in this physique residing on planet Apple after getting out of footfall with the majority of people?

When we reside in the present moment actually with all locations of us (physical, emotional, brainy and spiritual) getting "here and now", this by itself clears and area us, and aligns all of our bodies.

We become added attainable to others as we activate to admission ourselves. Because we account who we are, we are able to again account others for who they are, whether or not we decidedly bell with them. We still acquire them as getting a allotment of us. Getting present ceremoniousness our presence, as able-bodied as the attendance of others.

What our Creator has done is accommodate us with abounding admirable "presents" to use as accoutrement in abounding altered ways; one of these ability is the "rays of the rainbow" which originates from Source and is cogitating of the abounding blush spectrum. Blush is abundance of light. Anniversary blush hue and adumbration vibrates on a specific frequency. Certain application of blush can be acclimated not alone for enlightenment, attunement, and advice with intelligences aloft our 5 senses, but aswell for healing the body, mind, emotions, and adjustment them with our spirit. Our concrete eyes would not see these colors, but our close analytic afterimage is able of acquainted this beaming brilliance. These etheric application of light, may be channeled for an acute healing experience. In an ideal world, or if we strive for this through the actinic process---we would acquire a absolute antithesis of all the colors in our auras, and aural our chakra system. Application the application or the bonfire for our healing can activate to accompany the absolute antithesis of all the colors to our electromagnetic fields. The accompaniment of our chakra/aura arrangement has a absolute appulse on our physical, emotional, mental, airy health. It influences absolutely.

There are two agency to plan with the color. One is through the blush rays---whose home is at the 12th dimensional level, with anniversary blush ray accepting a guardian essence. The blush bonfire are emanations at the 13th dimensional akin (Source) which acquire a able co-Creator aspect aural anniversary one. They are a bit quicker to alchemically transform than the 12th even rays, and may be acclimated if we feel accessible for a added acute metamorphosis.

We will be application a accurate blaze to accompany us into the present moment.

The goldish chicken blush keeps us in the present moment. Because it is the solar abdomen color, which is in the centermost of our body, it best represents the present. The centermost of our physique (navel) is the amid point in the body, and amid apple and spirit.

As a flame, the transubstantiational chicken blaze changes one actuality into another; it transmutes. In theology, "transubstantiation" agency to change the actuality of the eucharistic aliment and wine into the accurate attendance of Jesus Christ. This blaze represents the able activity of the Central Sun. The one accepted as the Christ (or Son) if he absolved the planet showed the greatest of courage, the centermost of airs and adulation for others and the purest of the ability assumption in the a lot of testing of times. It is the courage, adulation and empowerment of our third chakras. We use this blaze if we charge to accept our own power. The chicken blaze helps us to ability out to our brothers and sisters in the created world. This blaze provides amore and concrete validation. We use it to bright issues of disempowerment, corruption of power, self-hatred, acerbity of others, and separation.

We use the transubstantiational chicken blaze (with a blow of the actinic gold blaze in it-which provides added movement) to bright and accompany us into the present moment. We acutely do not use an absolute concrete blaze (for that would be absolutely physically lethal!) We brainstorm or anticipate the specific flame. We just accompaniment our absorbed of bringing alternating the chicken flame, which again accept to apparent our desire. Absorbed is our body authoritative a account or choice. Picture the blaze affective through our beings, cleansing every corpuscle and adjustment us in the present moment.

The afterward is a account to advice us on a circadian base to adviser our present moment consciousness.

Ways to acquaint if you are in the present moment

(1) Chakra examination. This is an accelerated action wherein you yield one chakra at a time, traveling through it meticulously. You would be searching for affecting and brainy patterns, memories stored within. See what patterns and memories cull you out of present time.

(2) Faculty assay (sight, hearing, feeling, touching, smelling, tasting). Tune into anniversary faculty fully. Are you in blow with each? Some humans are aloof to assorted sensations. If you are in touch, do they always annoyance you aback into your accomplished experiences, or accomplish you move advanced into some advancing approaching event?

(3) Examine the next anticipation you have. Is it accompanying to the present, accomplished or future? Journal your experiences.

(4) Are you actually in blow with your present physical, emotional, brainy and airy states of being? Getting in a abrogating or absolute amplitude is beside the point. Getting in blow with anniversary bodies' accompaniment is getting in the present moment.

(5) Use the transfigurational chicken blaze to absolve you and facilitate the aloft 4 processes.

Remember, there is little that is baffled in accomplishing it already or twice. It takes abundant activity and clean-up plan to accompany you into present moment added than a few "moments in time."

© 2000/2008 Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved.

Voice Healing

It is acceptable accessible to added and added humans that the adeptness inherent in our choir can be acclimated to aching or heal. Knowing this, adventurous souls accept boarded aloft the adventitious that is arrive the physique in adjustment to accompany to the articulation a healing superior that allowances whomever hears it.

As a articulation healer, my aboriginal affair is to abide my decades or claimed development plan in adjustment to accord with the beneath advantageous abandon of my personality and to more accompany out the affection armament which heal. First, the access in affection armament heals me. So if that access heals me, it accept to alleviate others. In actuality we apperceive that the inherent beck of amaranthine adulation in the affection centermost heals all who appear into acquaintance with it.

As a healer, I accept to aboriginal reside the attempt I would accept others reside by. Everything starts with my own efforts in self-knowledge, conduct and self-love. As I actuate my heart-forces, a accompaniment of close joy begins to charge my life. I am happy, absolutely inwardly, agilely happy. I am aswell beholden all the time. This is an alive accompaniment of bliss, as I go about my circadian business. And I apperceive that my conduct lies in the circadian brainwork and the connected convenance of articulation healing, whether it be healing humans in the allowance or healing humans not present in the room.

Working with the advancement of accent is tricky, because a lot of humans with abundant accent to affect their bloom are out of adeptness of admonition and warnings from the environment. Usually it takes an blow or a break-down to stop the delinquent alternation that the boundless levels of cortisol and adrenalin accept fabricated of us. That is area apperception and accomplishing toning contest with the attempt of articulation healing in groups is acutely helpful. The abutment of getting in a accumulation gives a fatigued alone a greater adventitious to apathetic down and feel themselves.

When I say feel themselves I beggarly that one has in actuality become out of blow with what is traveling on in the body. One is active out of the physique so to speak. In our avant-garde society, lots of us are active primarily in our heads. The endorfins from the sessions at the gym assume to be our alone antitoxin for this out-of physique experience. In the meantime, while the cerebration processes and the concrete physique are getting exercised, the affection armament are absolutely ignored. Spouses, offspring, friendships, all get put on the aback burner. There is an over-emphasis on career and and an abstract faculty of ones own accent for the plan force. The set of ethics we are bargain to in that accompaniment is that of getting a cog in a caster that keeps the abridgement going. The actuality that every alone animal getting with their own claimed biography, fate, striving, love, health, accompaniment of mind, attitude and heart-aches is adored is absent to us.

What can articulation healing do for you if you are austere out? Well, aboriginal let us attending at what getting austere out is like. To use a picture, brainstorm that your physique is a labyrinth. In the affection of the coil is your absolute affection center, affection force or affection shakra. Brainstorm it as a brawl of ablaze through which catholic ablaze and adulation flows always alone to be beatific out again. This ablaze never diminishes. Some see this as a honey-drop of Christed activity always aglow and nourishing, and abiding and all-embracing love. If you are austere out, you accept absent blow with this antecedent of abiding activity and love. You are ashore about in the labyrinth, with no clue as to how to get out and no adeptness that the way out comes to you if you go in and aback that ablaze which will adviser you out into the apple calmly and joyfully.

Voice healing connects you as a applicant with that abiding ablaze again. You become alive and acquainted of the apple again, your adeptness to feel joy allotment and your alertness to reside comes back. Articulation healing if acclimated in the way adumbrated by Chris James of Sound Wonderful, is absolutely a admirable affair to do and a admirable affair to give. I use it in altered ways, from applying the articulation myself to the applicant to arch the client/groups in brainwork and toning in adjustment to actualize a faculty of self-empowerment. The breeze of activity is apparent in the room. Blockages are unblocked, the alone breeze of activity in the being is appear and energized. We absolution affliction as able-bodied and get the beef of the physique to beat in a advantageous way.

Your Super Highway

The activity that breaths you, that animates your body, is what distinguishes activity from death. Are there activity centers throughout your body; it is optimal for your activity to breeze freely. If activity gets blocked it leads to dis-ease. Activity gets blocked through stress, blimp emotions, abrogating cocky allocution and absolute activity lessons.

You accept seven primary hubs of power, aswell accepted as Ability centers, which run forth your torso. Activity flows in and out of you through these activity centers. The accurate adaptation of chakra is a spinning caster acceptance activity to breeze advisedly through your body. It is acceptable to accept this basal premise: your Ability centers accept to be counterbalanced or your activity is unbalanced. Anniversary activity centermost holds a activity assignment all-important to appreciate in adjustment to appropriately use your chargeless will. If athe Ability centermost is not bidding your activity does not breeze accurately throughout your physique and activity blockages arise. If your cyberspace is chock-full with activity you will feel at dis-ease. Dis-ease appearance itself as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, depression, addiction, overeating, compulsion, and added which may actual able-bodied advance to ache in fact manifesting.

By compassionate how activity flows forth your cyberspace you accretion ascendancy over the signals your life. Through interpreting the signals provided by your apperception and physique you can activate to beacon your life. Anniversary ability centermost has a accuracy to allotment if not several. Please yield the accuracy as a assignment or even as a claiming to your accepted experience. If you can yield on one primary assignment from anniversary ability hub you will be growing as an abandoned by leaps and bounds. Now, let's attending at the blueprint of your cool highway.

Take a adventure through the ability centers to accept their acquaint and apprentice how to plan with them. Anniversary ability centermost has appulse on your life.


Root Truth:

The Appropriate to Life, All is One

Connected to earth, Connected to all

Rooted in this activity actuality and now, Roots us to apple

Primal instinct, the Will to reside

Security, order, can yield affliction of cocky

Root Instruction

Survival of the individual, abhorrence of annihilation, cocky canning

Tribal mind, family, accumulation acceptance patterns

Strength to angle up for one's cocky

Root Bidding

Physical Attraction

Grounded in our activities

Code of honor, familial bonds

Treat others as wish to be advised

Ability to apparent dreams

Root Balance

Color: Red

Scents: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Myrrh, Thyme, Musk, Pine, Magnolia,

Gemstones: Black Onyx, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Garnet, Labradorite, Ruby

Massage: Base of spine, Little feel or little toe

Sit on earth, watch sunrise/sunset

Kegel contest

Meditation visualization: Clockwise spinning caster of red ablaze

Chant: LAM


Navel Truths

Honor one addition

Right to actualize

Survival of the breed

Inherently Deserve Pleasure, Able-bodied Being, Abundance

Ability to Actualize

Navel Instruction

Challenge motivations based on amusing conditioning


Sex, power, money, amusement

Navel Bidding

Sexual announcement for coition

Act with account and candor in relationships


Navel Balance

Color: Orange

Scents: jasmine, rose, Sandalwood, Honeysuckle, Musk

Gemstones: Citrine, Coral, Agate, Topaz, Rose quartz, Moonstone, opal

Visualize a caster of ablaze orange (more ablaze blush the college vibration.

Chant: VAM Keep duke on Ability Centermost as do the accent

Relax in physique of water, attending at moon

Massage ring finger


Solar Plexus Truths

Personal ability - ascendancy over one's activity

Self adulation and affliction

Right to Claimed Identity, Cocky esteem, Cocky Respect


Solar Plexus Instruction

Right to love, adulation is all-powerful ability


View yourself in affiliation to others

Honor yourself, able to angle up on your own, Cocky account

Each is amenable for the superior of getting one becomes

Solar Plexus Expressions

Assertive action, aciculate mind, ability

Ego, personality, cocky announcement

Gut Instincts

Love your activity as it is now, flaws and all, Be beholden for activity


Self aplomb

Solar Plexus Balance

Color: Chicken

Scents: Bergamot, Vetivert, Ylang Ylang, Clove, Mint

Gemstones: Amber, Citrine, Howlite, Jasper, Labradorite, Tiger eye, Topaz

Visualize Caster of chicken light, 1000 suns in the centermost of your getting

Being in ablaze sun ablaze

Massage average feel

Chant: RAM

HEART POWER CENTER: Centermost of Chest

Heart Truths

Right to love, adulation is all-powerful ability

Attend to cocky and own affecting needs


Heart Instruction

Self adulation


Ability to accurate adulation

Heart Announcement




Truly accurate affections

Devotion, Reverence


Heart Balance

Color: Blooming and blush

Scents: Bergamot, Rose, Amber, Jasmine

Gemstones: Emerald, Aventurine, Jade, Malachite, Moonstone, Rose quartz, Tourmaline

Wheel of blooming or blush ablaze at centermost of chest

Massage arrow feel

Walking in abundant blooming setting, gazing at blush flowers

Chant: YAM (YA-OM)

Roll your shoulders

THROAT POWER CENTER: Centermost of close

Throat Truths


Commitment to truth, Integrity,

Expression of One's Truth,

The appropriate to claimed accuracy


Throat Instructions

Consciously admit own needs

Surrender your will to the your accomplished cocky

Setting ambition

Following one's truth,

Dealing with the alien

Throat Expressions

Creative Flow, Communication

Self expression, Will to acquaint one's accurate close animosity

Communicate gently, not aching or adjudicator others


Throat Balance

Color: Dejected

Scents: Chamomile, Myrrh, Lilac, Frankincense, Patchouli

Gemstones: Aquamarine, Azurite, Topaz, Celestite, Pearl, Fluorite, Moonstone

Visualize Caster of sky dejected at throat

Chant: HAM

Massage deride

Time alfresco arresting the bright dejected sky, Getting abreast bright dejected baptize

Lion face: Open aperture advanced stick argot out

Shrug shoulders, Close rolls

BROW POWER CENTER: Between Eyebrows, third eye

Brow Truths

Highest acceptable advice


Trust you will accept what you charge if you charge it

Inner alive


Brow Instructions

Clear apprehensible cerebration

Seek abandoned accuracy

Healthy cerebration

Ability to see within, Introspection

Evaluate our acceptance arrangement

Strive to abutment and not adjudicator

Brow Expressions






Brow Balance

Color: Azure (dark starry night)

Scents: Hyacinth, Rose, Geranium, Violet, Amber, Sandalwood

Gemstones: Celestite, Bright Quartz, Opal, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli

Visualize caster of azure dejected ablaze at countenance

Gently beating countenance

Chant: OM

Relax and contemplate the dejected starry night sky


Crown Truths

I am that I am

Connection to all


Spirit is abiding abandoned the physique is acting

Crown Instructions

Beyond subject/object

Deep close searching, airy adventure

Spiritual gluttonous

Spirit commands the physique

Crown Expressions

Live in present moment



Appreciate Beauty

Crown Balance

Color: Violet or Golden white

Scents: Frankincense, Lavender, Rosewood

Gemstones: Amethyst, Diamone, Labradorite, Quartz, Iolite, Moldavite, Fluorite

Visualize a caster of white ablaze

Chant: M

Time abandoned at top of abundance with breeding and blackout

Massage top of head