100 Steps To Eternity: The Physical Earth

He hath fabricated the apple by his power, he hath accustomed the apple by his wisdom, and hath continued out the blast by his acumen (Jeremiah 10:12).

God created the heaven and earth. This may assume like a simple sentence, but in appearance of the earth's creation, its bounded wonders, hidden mysteries, laws of attributes and how every aspect of its actuality correlates with all others, it is overwhelming. No man can butt the abounding appulse of this one abbreviate phrase. It was by God's acumen and acumen that the apple and every atom of dust aloft it was strategically placed to accommodate to his ultimate algid for it. Every aspect of conception presents its own prophetic bulletin to us anniversary day of life, letters so obvious, yet so abundantly over-looked and so generally ignored.

If we could bout the cosmos and reside the aboriginal six canicule as God created all active organisms, we could bigger acquire how God's exact archival adjustment of the conception is so all-important in the brittle antithesis of activity and nature.

Everyone brand a abstruseness and God will explain all the hidden secrets of the apple to us in the kingdom. Until afresh they will abide undisclosed. This is yet addition law of attributes in itself, that there are assertive elements in activity we can do annihilation about and have to artlessly acquire them.

Man was apathetic to acquire the abstraction of the apple getting annular because he couldn't see it in its all-around ambit and accordingly didn't acquire it. This itself represents man's ancient bounce of acceptance in one God. Early man didn't acquire there was alone one God because they couldn't see him. Instead, they invented for themselves gods they could physically see and authority in their hands.

Eventually affidavit was appear that the apple is annular with no alpha point and no catastrophe point, just like the Creator himself, who introduces himself in the Revelation as Alpha and Omega, the alpha and the ending.

The apple holds us anniversary abreast to it by the laws of nature, the law of force and the laws of physics, just as God holds us anniversary abreast to him through his laws, the Ten Commandments. Simple to understand, yet badly amazing displays in attributes appearance how God's laws, the Ten Commandments, and the concrete laws of attributes themselves accompany with and accompaniment all rudiments of the concrete earth. The accurate sciences alone prove God's actuality and sovereignty, and at the aforementioned time actualize every accounting law and chat he has accustomed us as our training adviser and arbiter to go forth with the concrete apple itself. God's acumen and means are far above to what the animal apperception can even activate to comprehend. Every aspect of attributes is altogether accommodating to accommodate to God's ultimate plan.

The Chat of God began with Christ, the Fiery Core, the active spirit of His Father, in the affection of God and will end with Christ, who will aphorism over every inch of the apple always afire with the spirit of love.

Two capital curve actuate angular distances on the earth. The aboriginal band is the equator, barometer 0 degrees arctic and 0 degrees south, referred to as the Abundant Circle. The additional band is the Prime Meridian, barometer 0 degrees east and 0 degrees west. The point at which these curve bisect is the abject of artful locations. Christ represents this Abundant Circle as the abundant astrologer and teacher, and is both, aught degrees breadth and aught degrees longitude, absolutely aloof and non-judgmental, according and just. Christ is the plumbline, the absolute centermost antithesis of the scales of acumen on which we will ultimately anniversary be weighed.

The breadth of the equator is abutting to 25,000 miles. The breadth of a acme is aswell about 25,000 miles. The close bore of the apple is about 8,000 miles, authoritative the breadth of the ellipsoid about 200 actor aboveboard miles, the exact amount of prophesied army of Trumpet #6. Every aspect of the earth's blueprint is of basic acceptation to God's plan, yet so aboveboard disregarded and unrecognized.

The apple does not angle altogether upright. It was created at a slant, an blemish with a purpose to appearance that no man built-in aloft it is absolute and upright, either, with the barring of Christ, who represents the absolute line, the Abundant Circle.

The inclination, or tilt, of the earth's axis, with account to the sun, determines the seasons on the earth. If the earth's arbor were upright, or erect to the even of the earth's apogee about the sun, there would be no melancholia assortment with actual little alterity of temperature. Day and night would additionally alter little in length.

With the apple set at a slant, the equator is the alone abode on apple area day and night are according throughout the year. With animal nature, man's affection is to go adjoin God's laws. In the animal body, if our arbor were to abide altogether upright, our attitude would additionally abide the same, in connected joy and happiness.

Until the apple is set absolutely upright, anniversary alone aloft it will acquaintance the black of sin relentlessly advancing anniversary activity from bearing to generation, declared in Exodus 17:16.

In Christ's kingdom, there will be no night. Once Christ returns, the apple will sit cocked on its arbor and anniversary alone will additionally be set cocked and incorruptible.

A apple set cocked will aswell annihilate the seasons, accustomed by God's chat that neither calefaction nor algid will affect his humans anytime afresh (Revelation 7:16). Absolute acclimate altitude will abide for eternity.

The apple is disconnected into 360 degrees. Anniversary amount is disconnected added into 60 minutes, which are added torn down into 60 seconds. This primary engineering abstraction gives us our base for what we apperceive as time.

The amount 40 is of prophetic accent apropos the complete abode of Israel. The amount 10 is the prophetic Gentile amount of completion. If we accumulate the amount apropos the achievement of God's called humans (40) x the Gentile amount of achievement (10), the sum is 400. Both Jews and Gentiles will abide the commonwealth of God.

By added adding this sum (400) x the 360 degrees into which the apple is divided, the absolute is 144,000, the amount of the saints of all tribes of the accouchement of Israel who will aphorism and administration with Christ over the absolute apple during the Sabbath millennium.

It takes 24 hours for the apple to accomplish one complete anarchy on its axis. There are 24 meridians, "great circles" of a bottom degree, which baptize the time zones on the earth. These 24 meridians prophetically represent the 24 elders - abundant prophets and agents of God's chat - sitting on the seats in Revelation 4:4. All credibility of these meridians are exact, just as all letters of the accurate ministers and prophets accede to the one alone exactness, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Jesus represents the top apex of anniversary day of our lives. In the daylight, as we face the sun, its amore and accuracy beleaguer us. At night, as we are angry abroad from the light, black prevails.

The International Date Band is the affected area area accident or accretion of a day takes place. For man's convenience, he has placed two internationally accustomed rifts in this band - one arctic of the equator and the added south of the equator. Traveling west from this band we beforehand a day. Traveling east from this line, we lose a day. This International Date Band represents the barrier block of the absolute apple area accretion or accident of abiding activity will be decided.

Only at the achievement of midnight on the International Date Band is a day the aforementioned all over the world. A aperture additional later, there are two canicule traveling on at the aforementioned time. It is at the achievement of midnight that the benedict cometh in the apologue of Matthew 25. This International Date Band represents Christ, the barrier block of Israel. Judaism rejects Christ, as represented by the aboriginal accustomed aperture in this line.

The added aperture in this line, the added accustomed misconception, is aswell area the Gentiles stumble. Israel accepts God but rejects Christ. The Gentiles acquire Christ but adios God by adage Jesus is God. The admiral of Israel have to adjustment both of these misconceptions apropos Christ. Israel is called to deliver the accuracy to the apple that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Once Israel delivers this bulletin of her Messiah to the world, the end will appear (Matthew 24:14).

Every jot and every tittle of God's creation, God's word, and God's commonwealth - the past, the present and the approaching - are orchestrated as alone his ability and intelligence can so describe.

The added we apprentice about geology, cartography and the alone sciences, the added we apprehend how ambiguous and bush man's intelligence absolutely is, even in its a lot of above state, in allegory to the acumen of God.