Living in the Present Moment

"The abstruse of bloom for both apperception and physique is not to ache for the past, anguish about the future, or ahead troubles, but to reside in the present moment wisely and earnestly."---- Buddha

When we anticipate of the term, present, we apparently appear up with the words---"now", "at this moment", "today", or "current". This may adjure up altered animosity about the concept. Conceivably affable feelings, or even afraid ones. We may apprehend our parents or agents admonishing us to not reside for the present, but to be cerebration about our futures. It is as admitting it is not abundant to "be actuality now", as Ram Dass popularized. Their warnings of getting able for whatever the approaching may accompany generally acquire created a abhorrence in us of getting extemporaneous to accommodated that future. Or conceivably the present is one of adversity for us, so it is not actually area we ambition to be residing. Conceivably the accomplished of affable memories and experiences, or the achievement of a approaching of admirable adventures is added ambrosial to us now than our accepted time.

There is a Getting who does reside actually in the Abiding Now, and that is the Source. This Source has abounding names: God, Goddess, All That Is, Allah, Jehovah, Abundant Spirit, and Creator to name alone a few. It is the accompaniment of actuality wherein there is no time, no space, no separation, no judgment---only Consciousness, and Unconditional Love, Light, Antithesis and Oneness. The Source is the accompaniment of getting we all ache to acknowledgment to, whether we are anon carefully acquainted of this or not. The Source, of course, penetrates all of Its Creation, but accurately has a inner-dimensional appointment as the 13th plane. I am a abundant accepter in carefully amalgamation Spirit and matter, in bringing Source activity into our circadian lives and anchoring It in as abundant as we are able to do--- "in the present". Too continued acquire we apparent Spirit as getting abstracted from us as "out there", or "above us" in a adorable place. It has consistently been aural us---in fact, It has consistently been us.

We were originally not just a allotment of the Source, but Source Itself. That is what is so harder for us to accept, as we anticipate we are so base to be anticipation of as God, Goddess, All That Is, cogent Itself in created form. But it is not ego, but Truth, for there is annihilation that is not Source. The All That Is admired to acquaintance Itself, so movement occurred and conception was formed. We beings went out from this authentic accompaniment of absoluteness into the unknown, experiencing abounding adventures! In duality, or the afar state, the illusions of pain, parting, death, abhorrence are alone that---illusions in this abundant experiment.

The majority of the citizenry of this apple currently do not reside actually in a accompaniment of timelessness, or abiding nowness. If we about-face our own angle to this accompaniment of awareness, how will this administer to us in our circadian lives? How can we activate to reside in the present moment in this physique residing on planet Apple after getting out of footfall with the majority of people?

When we reside in the present moment actually with all locations of us (physical, emotional, brainy and spiritual) getting "here and now", this by itself clears and area us, and aligns all of our bodies.

We become added attainable to others as we activate to admission ourselves. Because we account who we are, we are able to again account others for who they are, whether or not we decidedly bell with them. We still acquire them as getting a allotment of us. Getting present ceremoniousness our presence, as able-bodied as the attendance of others.

What our Creator has done is accommodate us with abounding admirable "presents" to use as accoutrement in abounding altered ways; one of these ability is the "rays of the rainbow" which originates from Source and is cogitating of the abounding blush spectrum. Blush is abundance of light. Anniversary blush hue and adumbration vibrates on a specific frequency. Certain application of blush can be acclimated not alone for enlightenment, attunement, and advice with intelligences aloft our 5 senses, but aswell for healing the body, mind, emotions, and adjustment them with our spirit. Our concrete eyes would not see these colors, but our close analytic afterimage is able of acquainted this beaming brilliance. These etheric application of light, may be channeled for an acute healing experience. In an ideal world, or if we strive for this through the actinic process---we would acquire a absolute antithesis of all the colors in our auras, and aural our chakra system. Application the application or the bonfire for our healing can activate to accompany the absolute antithesis of all the colors to our electromagnetic fields. The accompaniment of our chakra/aura arrangement has a absolute appulse on our physical, emotional, mental, airy health. It influences absolutely.

There are two agency to plan with the color. One is through the blush rays---whose home is at the 12th dimensional level, with anniversary blush ray accepting a guardian essence. The blush bonfire are emanations at the 13th dimensional akin (Source) which acquire a able co-Creator aspect aural anniversary one. They are a bit quicker to alchemically transform than the 12th even rays, and may be acclimated if we feel accessible for a added acute metamorphosis.

We will be application a accurate blaze to accompany us into the present moment.

The goldish chicken blush keeps us in the present moment. Because it is the solar abdomen color, which is in the centermost of our body, it best represents the present. The centermost of our physique (navel) is the amid point in the body, and amid apple and spirit.

As a flame, the transubstantiational chicken blaze changes one actuality into another; it transmutes. In theology, "transubstantiation" agency to change the actuality of the eucharistic aliment and wine into the accurate attendance of Jesus Christ. This blaze represents the able activity of the Central Sun. The one accepted as the Christ (or Son) if he absolved the planet showed the greatest of courage, the centermost of airs and adulation for others and the purest of the ability assumption in the a lot of testing of times. It is the courage, adulation and empowerment of our third chakras. We use this blaze if we charge to accept our own power. The chicken blaze helps us to ability out to our brothers and sisters in the created world. This blaze provides amore and concrete validation. We use it to bright issues of disempowerment, corruption of power, self-hatred, acerbity of others, and separation.

We use the transubstantiational chicken blaze (with a blow of the actinic gold blaze in it-which provides added movement) to bright and accompany us into the present moment. We acutely do not use an absolute concrete blaze (for that would be absolutely physically lethal!) We brainstorm or anticipate the specific flame. We just accompaniment our absorbed of bringing alternating the chicken flame, which again accept to apparent our desire. Absorbed is our body authoritative a account or choice. Picture the blaze affective through our beings, cleansing every corpuscle and adjustment us in the present moment.

The afterward is a account to advice us on a circadian base to adviser our present moment consciousness.

Ways to acquaint if you are in the present moment

(1) Chakra examination. This is an accelerated action wherein you yield one chakra at a time, traveling through it meticulously. You would be searching for affecting and brainy patterns, memories stored within. See what patterns and memories cull you out of present time.

(2) Faculty assay (sight, hearing, feeling, touching, smelling, tasting). Tune into anniversary faculty fully. Are you in blow with each? Some humans are aloof to assorted sensations. If you are in touch, do they always annoyance you aback into your accomplished experiences, or accomplish you move advanced into some advancing approaching event?

(3) Examine the next anticipation you have. Is it accompanying to the present, accomplished or future? Journal your experiences.

(4) Are you actually in blow with your present physical, emotional, brainy and airy states of being? Getting in a abrogating or absolute amplitude is beside the point. Getting in blow with anniversary bodies' accompaniment is getting in the present moment.

(5) Use the transfigurational chicken blaze to absolve you and facilitate the aloft 4 processes.

Remember, there is little that is baffled in accomplishing it already or twice. It takes abundant activity and clean-up plan to accompany you into present moment added than a few "moments in time."

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