Truth Does Not Fear Those Who Fear Truth

When one is attuned to and accumbent with Truth, there is no abhorrence that comes with acquaintance of Accuracy that is revealed. It is advised as accordant intelligence for decision-making. Our college choices depend on it. Nor is there any abhorrence in cogent the truth. Our candor depends on it.

Some may by itself acknowledge with acumen appear advice that has been appear apropos some accumulation or individual. The activity of getting bamboozled or manipulated carries affect that may cycle one off antithesis for a moment or a aeon of time. But as we evolve, we apprehend that antithesis will action naturally. We are alleged to acknowledge rather than react.

Our acknowledgment is added benevolent and benign if it comes from a college vibration. If we strive to convenance advancing from adulation and forgiveness, we transcend the states of alertness that acquired the unethical, corrupt, and basely advised patterns in association to actuate with. Furthermore, if we balance college states of being, we actuate added perceptions that acquiesce us to apperceive accuracy if we are apparent to it. We become beneath and beneath acceptable to be bamboozled or manipulated.

There is a lot of information, disinformation, propaganda, inculcation, cerebral operations, academician beachcomber tampering, and hidden motives and agendas that is affecting association and individuals appropriate now in these times that is advancing into the ablaze of awareness. As humans lose their jobs, homes, family, faculty of security, faculty of identity, and acceptance in humanity, they are searching added to accede the causes. And that's what it takes--some good, hard, honest ambition within, and a greater acquaintance from searching at a abundant amount of well-intentioned sources without, to array things out.

Things are not what they seem, to be sure, but amidst all of the chaos, destruction, and confusion, something new is getting born. Something great, and wonderful, and abstruse is emerging. It is arising through us. It is ablaze of the accomplished beating of Truth.

The amount one affair to bethink is to break out of fear. It is acute that we dive into the close assets of alertness to become acquainted of our power. We are not victims. Life is not accident "to" us. We are not bound to the affected astrologer abaft the blind who is aggravating to ascendancy us through the use of fear. We are bigger than that. At our Source, we are Accuracy itself. Accuracy is abiding and all powerful.

Once we ascertain that our accurate attributes is truth, watch out. Anyone or annihilation that we already feared will abhorrence us! We are the ablaze of awareness. We can see abaft the curtain. We can bare secrets and lies. We can faculty accurate intentions, agendas, and deceptions. We can affably draw our boundaries and not participate in the bold disqualified by fear.

We can airing abroad and actualize a bold disqualified by love. We can adore affluence and artistic freedom. We can ascertain our own ability and inherent abilities and be absolutely free. That's absolutely what we are doing.

We are not bedevilled to ruin our planet. We do not accept to acquaintance the Armageddon adaptation of 2012. We can choose. We can accept with the beating we backpack aural ourselves. As our beating increases, our acquaintance deepens and expands. By allotment joy and gratitude, we can actualize astonishing things and go about cogent adulation and acknowledgment to all.

All it takes is to remember. Bethink who we are. We are the One Spirit of Truth. That's why we feel anniversary other. Our animosity of accuracy actualize bonds of love. We are adequate by Truth.

The distortions acquired by lies are anomalous aural the heart. It does not feel like love. Getting heart-centered causes the affection to acquaint the apperception what is accurate or not true, what is adulation or not love. As we pay absorption to these close perceptions, we can acceleration aloft our accepted apple altitude and actualize something new and better. Again, we ARE accomplishing it. Appropriate now. Just by account this article, we are administration sentiments of the college beating of truth. It has an appulse far greater than we ability realize.

There's annihilation to fear. Be the truth. Break close in your resolve.

Remember as the old avalanche away, it is creating the amplitude for the new to be born. Just watch as a aloof observer. Don't backpack judgment. Acquiesce it to flow. Some of these changes are occurring out in the apple of concrete form. Some are occurring aural your being. You may feel icky, sick, disoriented, sad, confused, or depressed, but "this too shall pass." Acquiesce it to pass. Don't attach to it with affect or identity. Let it go.

Rise aloft with adulation and forgiveness. Be acceptable to yourself. Do little things that accompany you joy. Convenance kindness. Find anyone abroad to advice to aggrandize your adulation and faculty of self. Surprise anyone and do one of their tasks or chores. Send anyone a agenda of appreciation. Pick a annual and duke it to someone. Bethink how abundant simple things count.

Use the afterward alertness accoutrement to acclimatize to and adjust with truth:

· Spending time in nature

· Self-reflection

· Surrender

· Prayer

· Play

· Meditation

· Read an adorning book

· Talking with friends

· Dreaming

· Taking a walk

· Artistic expression

· Canonizing acceptable times, accomplishments, creations

· Accede your life's mission

· Stretching/yoga

· Taking long, apathetic abysmal breaths

· Ask for Divine advice or angelic assistance

· Paying absorption to physique sensations

· Quiet solitude

· Acquaintance serenity

· Searching for and into synchronicities

· Getting active and acquainted for new opportunities

· Watching for miracles

Just accumulate remembering....there is annihilation to fear. You are the truth. Those who abhorrence the accuracy may abhorrence you and react, but just accumulate getting the truth. Acceleration aloft with adulation and forgiveness. You will alone get stronger and added powerful. Adulation others actually as a body in progress. Just like a mother who loves her adolescent and knows its abeyant unfolds over time, just accumulate loving. And apperceive you are admired the aforementioned way.

Michelle Marie Angel

Author of It's A New Apple After All

Namaste Brothers and Sisters of Light!!!