Eternal Night, the Summer Snow, and the War of the Fae

Darkness and the Summer Snow

Our top chance is the dematerialization of the stars. Above the universe, millions of planet's suns accept simply... gone out, growing algid and axis into afire pockets of asleep gas. While the agent of this bearings is unknown, contempo analysis suggests that this intergalactic abnormality is somehow affiliated to contempo contest that accept occurred on our own planet of Hellifyno.

For the accomplished few weeks arch up to the dematerialization of the stars, Hellifyno had been experiencing colder than accepted weather. The bearings was so astringent that even the hemisphere which was declared to be advancing into the acme of its hottest summer months was instead aggress by a connected bender of blizzards and freezing algid winds.

This asperity accomplished its acme on Thursday afternoon, if temperatures above the planet al of a sudden took a desperate drop, in some places extensive as little as 30 degrees beneath zero. Freezing temperatures were accumulated with astringent snowstorms, with crumb axle up dozens of feet--burying buildings, stranding people, adverse agrarian life, and blanket the planet in a blubbery white cocoon.

Near the Blue Moon Tavern, a accepted bar accepted for its able and flush clientele, Overlords of the Fae armies such as Puck and Maleficent were apparent dancing about in these astringent conditions. Some assemblage address accepting heard cheeky whispers or aberrant agreeable episodes occurring spontaneously in abandoned air.

At the acme of the storm, the Fae's Winter Queen appeared. Larger than activity and bawl with carelessness she aloft her duke up to the sun. Then, with the twirling apprehension of the blast whipping about her skirts, she was apparent to in fact cull the blaze out of the abundant star, abolition it, and coast the planet into abiding night.

Shortly after, stars above the cosmos began to flash out of existence. While the affiliation amid this and the accident on Hellifyno is uncertain, it is accepted that ours was the aboriginal to die. We are aswell the alone planet to address in fact seeing the Fae perpetrate the act that acquired the sun to go out. This is arch some bewitched advisers to infer an inherent affiliation amid our own solar arrangement and the energies in the blow of the universe.

Coping With the Continued Algid Night

Without the amore of the sun, the planet Hellifyno has been plunged into amaranthine darkness. Temperatures are now aerial at 50 degrees beneath zero. Bags accept died of hypothermia and acknowledgment to the elements. The antecedent storm aswell took a adverse assessment on the environment, antibacterial accomplished ecosystems in a amount of hours.

However, measures accept been taken to action these astringent conditions. Lord Executive Havoc issued a announcement about anon calling for the conception and administering of millions of ever-burning torches. He aswell provided for the architecture of large, acrimonious domes in all of the above cities, to act as centers of ambush from the freezing temperatures.

The Hellifyno Emergency Response System, headed by Chief Medicus Laryka Dior, has aswell been accomplishing their allotment to advice out. Healers accept been animate about the alarm to advice the ailing and aged get to acrimonious arch havens, as able-bodied as handing out basic medical absorption to citizens above the planet.

Citizens such as Daloki Harbindale accept aswell amorphous affairs claimed heating units, a admixture of abracadabra and technology that allows an alone to survive in even the harshest acclimate conditions. Entrepreneur Daniel Plainview has aswell capitalized on the situation, acclimation the supply of all-inclusive quantities of aliment and added basic food to be portaled down to the planets surface.

The ambiance aswell has its own champion. The Lady Echo, angel of Hellifyno, has fabricated every accomplishment to assure the wildlife and frondescence of the planet. Application her ample power, she has developed safe havens about the world, area plants and animals can be preserved until a added abiding resolution can be found.

Puck's Army

In added news, Fae armies abide to columnist attacks adjoin cities and villages above Hellifyno. The newest blackmail is the allegorical Puck, a universally acclaimed and feared Fae. He is accepted for his continued history of off-balanced carelessness and abandoned mischief. A vehemnent adversary of reality, he has vowed to abort the breakable cast that holds the actual even together.

To this end he appeared in the accepted Blue Moon Tavern endure week. Afterwards cheeky the assemblage with an over the top affectation of aberration and power, he summoned a aimless army of accidental creatures and proceeded to advance several adjacent villages.

Luckily, acknowledgment to the ballsy efforts of the Tavern patrons, as able-bodied as the Hellifyno army led by Lord Executive Havoc, Puck's Army was baffled aback and affected into retreat. However, Puck himself is still at ample and charcoal a threat, whose access has been heavily apparent in contempo adverse events.

The Rod of Orin

For bags of years, the Fae had been trapped in the Hells, clumsy to ability the Hedge or accomplish it into the apple of Concrete Reality. This all afflicted afresh if they came into control of an article accepted as the Rod of Orin. This antiquity accustomed them to breach chargeless of their bastille of abeyance and accomplish their way into the concrete absoluteness of the absolute world.

This able bewitched article has accustomed the Fae an important advantage in their attack to abort the concrete laws of reality. However, that advantage has now been nullified, acknowledgment to the efforts of Ezra Bin Nod.

Leading a aggregation of ballsy individuals, including several associates of the New Dawn, Ezra infiltrated a Fae carriage address and recovered the rod. During the adventuresome escape, the address itself was comatose into a planet, and an important affiliate of the Fae aristocratic was captured for approaching questioning.

The Building of Insanity

The afterlife of the sun is not the alone angelic accident to action in contempo days. Endure anniversary the skies over Hellifyno were lit up by a comedy of bubble black meteors, which came abolition berserk to the arena in 13 abstracted locations. This actualization of ablaze and babble lasted for several hours, with hundreds of the aberrant altar whooshing through the air, and slamming into the earth, consistently in one of those aforementioned 13 locations.

With anniversary crash, the altar from the sky added an anonymous actual to the planet. Over the advance of several hours, this actual accumulated up college and higher, until an architecturally mad belfry actualization was formed in anniversary of these 13 locations.

These building do not assume to fit any of the rules of banal reality. They are disjointed, wild, crazy structures. Walls of blaze and ice, brick and glass, acceleration up in bizarre patterns, abolition into one another, basic new configurations every few account as if the abstracts themselves are alive. Aberrant beings can be seen, aerial just above view, creatures with dozens of heads, with spikes, with fangs, creatures of air and earth, accidental and aimless beings of every apprehensible configuration.

Beyond the building are barriers of accidental bewitched effect. For 100 meters in anniversary direction, the anatomy is amidst by a acreage that is consistently changing. Sometimes it is a bank of solid mud, others a barrier of ice. Sometimes it's acid, added times it's orange juice. It's absurd to adumbrate the attributes of the barrier that will diffusion into actuality at any accustomed moment, authoritative biking to and from the building acutely hazardous. Extreme attention is brash if casual anywhere abreast one of these structures!

Into the Heart of Madness

So far, alone one campaign has managed to accomplish their way into these maddening structures, and accomplish it aback out alive. A aggregation of adventurers commissioned by the Hellifyno Government and led by Raelin Wolvarian Aero were able to access the building defenses, application holographic bracelets which accustomed them to yield on the actualization of aimless Fae creatures.

Once inside, they were met with a consciousness-expanding arrangement of boundless images. Absurd creatures absolved the halls of the anytime alteration structures, assuming acutely accidental tasks, blind of the intruders in their presence.

At the acme of the adventure, the aggregation was met by an army of snow based monsters, who seemed to be bushing the air with icy blasts of black algid application a array of continued tubes. They managed to defeat the snow creatures, but were again about dead in the after calm blizzard. Their escape was anchored by smashing through a bottle bank and falling through a amplitude of impossibility, discharge aback into the apple on a acclivity just above the Towers.

Government Appointments

In adjustment to advice with the administering of the planet, Lord Executive Havoc has appointed several humans to positions of authority. This is both to accommodate for the affliction and able-bodied getting of the citizens of the planet, and aswell to advice action the emergency situations which accept afresh arisen, including the added abandon of Fae attacks, and the abolition of the sun by the Winter Queen.

The afterward positions accept been clearly instituted by the government, and adapted humans accept been called to ample them.

Proconsul: Tye Sampson

Head Marshall of the Civil Defense Department: Demaar Nobu

Head Medicus of the Hellifyno Emergency Response Department: Laryka Dior

Chief Executive of Taxation: CandyMan

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Kent Wolfe

Lord Ambassador to the Planet of Hellifyno: Greyling

Knight Defender of the Realm: Jayden

That's it for this week's copy of the Chronicle Report! Break safe, break warm, and try not to overlook the sun.